Our beautiful garden

Modern apartments are taken from us possibility of having a garden at home .But, without a yard and with a little taste and creativity we can, dedicate a part of our house for plants to reconcile again with green space

We did it

We are very excited to host our new project, we did it and now is a time to celebrate together   We are the successful Studio PLUS family

The beginning of the new year

  1396like many years ago has a name of an animal is on its side, the Rooster! Roosters are a sign of dawn and awakening, victory and success. The proud, persistent and versatile Rooster personality has become a special sign for use on the brand and business types. There are six special places in the history of art. In many of the old and Christian roles, Rooster plays an important role. In the art of the Christian religion, the symbol of proportion is proportional. The oldest image of the jug is 400 BC. In the paintings of the sixteenth century, the complexity and dramatic art of art is a symbol of energy and activity. Roosters have just announced that the dawn is a good day full of activity. Studio Plus has designed New Year gift at the start of the year 96, considering symbol of victory and success. The gift is made up of a decorated and completely handmade, symbolized by the fact that Roosters were painted on the year 96, a gift made from textiles and leather, which, at the same time, is completely luxury designed to preserve the identity of the gift. The names of all those who donate gifts are painted behind the plate with a brush, Studio Plus hopes that the year 96 is full of pleasure and success for all of our colleagues and customers