Progress the Studio Plus family is the most important goals.

About Us

Effective activities in advertising field with the expert creative director, Studio Plus gains a great experience for specialized deep presence in the market. with the different looking to the creativity areas Studio Plus could find a new way for creating. the core values in our relationship are honesty, integrity and respect for people. young and active team turn Studio Plus to the intimate family that each one try to be best and most creative.



Our Vision

In the 5 next years, our young and active team by gaining new experiences in creativity , will be well-known for all business and brands.


With the full motivation team we believe that it doesn’t matter that product or services that in entrusted to us where located, what does it do and how old is… With creative thinking and team spirit we turned it to the best.

Mohsen Noorbakhsh

Creative Director/Founder

Kazhal Noori

Marketing Manager

Mehdi Khaleghinezhad

Administration Manager

Erphan Soltani

Digital Painter

Sahar Allahverdy

Graphic Designer

The most important factor in our success is that having team spirit is not just a thought, it is characteristic that every different member accept it and enjoy